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About LOVE

LOVE’s Mission

To reduce violence in the lives of youth and in our communities by building a team of youth who communicate a message of non-violence.

LOVE’s values

LOVE listens to youth.  In all of its programs, LOVE creates a safe, accepting atmosphere where youth feel heard.
LOVE gives youth a sense of purpose: let’s change the world by reducing violence.
LOVE creates strong trusting relationships to achieve the highest quality of programs.
LOVE bridges all boundaries.
LOVE helps youth realize and grow their capacities through its educational programs.
LOVE encourages youth to stay in school and finds opportunities for them to complete their education.
LOVE helps youth on the margins to build happy, constructive lives.

LOVE’s proven track record

  • For over 17 years LOVE has created and delivered hundreds of community safety programs in five cities.
  • LOVE programs have been placed on the curriculum in schools in Toronto and Montreal.
  • LOVE has strong leadership, recognized community partners and evaluation reports that show its positive impact.
  • As the demand for LOVE’s programs grew, LOVE expanded from its beginnings in Montreal to Toronto in 1996, Vancouver and Halifax in 2000, New York City in 2005, Eilat, Israel in 2008, and will begin in Uganda in 2011.  LOVE continues to receive requests for its programs from cities throughout North American and around the world.
  • LOVE’s youth-driven workshops, newspapers, books, exhibits, videos and public service announcements that promote non-violence have reached hundreds of thousands.

History of LOVE

  • The LOVE organization was founded, in Montreal,  by Twinkle (Sheila) Rudberg whose husband Daniel was killed by a fourteen-year-old gang member on the streets of downtown Montreal.  Daniel had gone to the aid of an elderly woman who was being assaulted when the teen stabbed him to death. During the youth’s trial Twinkle learned that the young perpetrator’s life had consisted of being in gangs, taking drugs and spending hours watching violent movies.  She began to see him as a victim of violence as well.
  • In 1993, as  statistics on youth violence became alarming, Twinkle founded LOVE, a community-based organization dedicated at first to reducing the amount of violence in entertainment and the media and raising awareness about its effect on the psyche of young people. Twinkle then sought a way to reach marginalized youth to help them reject violence.
  • In 1994, a McGill faculty committee introduced Twinkle to journalist and teacher Brenda Zosky Proulx who was planning a journalism-based violence prevention program for youth who had been challenged by violence. Brenda was joined by Stan Chase of Dawson College’s Department of Professional Photography and a teacher of at risk youth.  Together they created the LOVE photography and journalism program in 1995, followed by LOVE’s leadership and school outreach programs in 1996 and 1997.  Video, broadcasting and spoken word were later added.
  • Today thousands of LOVE youth have become leaders in their communities. Like Twinkle they set an example, showing how they can overcome the tragedy of violence by investing themselves in their communities.


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