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To our friends and partners who have donated, and keep donating,
major funds, services in kind and art works to our auction. THANK YOU!


The Nicole Schiffman Foundation
Claudia Glenn Barasch & Sheldon Hirshon

The Hirshon Family Trust
Toni Schulman
Judy Carmel

The Morris A. Hazan Foundation

Miles Nadal, MDC Partners

Karen Bigman

Charles & Betsy Schumacher

Jill Armus

Nick Baletta and Amy Limb
Marienne Hill Treadway & Craig Treadway

Jost Eckhardt

Herman Miller Cares
Romi & Jeffery Howard
Richard & Dana Kirshenbaum
MDC Partners, Miles Nadal

The Pinkerton Foundation

May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation

Linda & Steve Thibodeau

Kamyar Atabai
Michael & Candy Barasch
Phyllis & Marvin Barasch
The Max and Bella Black Foundation
Barbara and Gary Brandt
Adrian Bryan-Brown
Aric & Terra Cheston
Daniel Cohen
Marci & Jeremy Cohen
Meg Cohen
Beth DeWoody
Joanne Dugan
Arthur Ferrera

Ian and Stephanie Ginsberg
Kathi & Andy Hirsch
AJ Horan
Jed Krascella
Lionel Lemeur & AC Windal
Jeanine Lobell
Elaine Mandelbaum

Lisa Mirchin
Joanna Patton

Judy Lotas

Elaine Pedlar
Tony & Marie Rao
Robert Schulman
Hal & Marlene Strauss
Linda Stocknoff
Judi Totte
Brad Trent
Steve  & Liz Vaccariello
Nina & Gary Wexler


Sarah Rozen
Reid Callanan- Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
Meg Cohen
C.O. Bigelow Chemists
Leslie Kirschenbaum
Gregory Rathe & The Displayers

THE NUMEROUS AND GENEROUS PHOTOGRAPHERS who have contributed photographs to IMAGES OF LOVE over the past 10 years!

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