Youth Zone

LOVE youth are intelligent, caring, and full of potential; however, we often meet them at a time in their lives when they are disenfranchised, unhappy, or hurt. LOVE youth are aged 12-18 at intake, and often remain involved in our programs into their twenties. Youth alumni have gone on to be involved with LOVE as camp staff, program staff, and workshop facilitators.


"One of the first lessons I learned from LOVE was forgiveness. I came into the program a street kid and left as a grown man."


“LOVE made me want to keep going and see what happens next. Not to give up so easy.”

“I have grown as a LOVE Leader in the sense that I have learned to speak my mind and I have become a go-getter. I am also not afraid to guide others.”

“LOVE is therapeutic. It lets me socialize, and of course there’s food, and it’s a place where people feel true. LOVE means family.”

“LOVE helps any problem.”

"Thanks for the camp that I attended, it was really good. It helped me grow as an individual and it really opened my eyes on how to be a better leader."